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The Ripple Effect

Hi everyone!

Our primary purpose is to help those in need by providing them with service dogs and empowering them to live a life of fulfillment and become an integral part of society.  What inevitably happens though is a ripple effect.

Take for example Jason Owens.  Jason was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type II in 1996.   It is a genetic disorder that causes hundreds of tumors to grow throughout the body’s Central Nervous System.   Unfortunately, for now, there is no cure available and treatment is done on individual tumors via radiation or removal.

You can imagine that this is not an enjoyable process.  Jason has had approximately a dozen surgeries since 1996.   The most serious surgery was in 2007 when he had a golf ball size brain tumor removed.

After a year of physical therapy, he was left with weakness in his legs, loss of balance, and deaf.    Unable to perform his duties at work, he lost his job and went on long term disability.

He currently has tumors on his spine that effect his strength and dexterity in his hands.   His long term prognoses is several more surgeries ahead as the disease progresses.

One of the most unfortunately effects of Jason’s situation is that as a husband and father of two, he cannot enjoy the full mobility that others take for granted.  Fortunately, the love and support of his family has kept him strong and forward looking.  With the help of a service dog though, his life would be enriched even more.

A service dog will not only help Jason, he or she will also help Jason’s family.  A service dog will help empower Jason, helping him in many ways and enabling him to be less dependent on his family.  His family then would also be able to help Jason in other ways and be able to spend more time enjoying the life they have together.  This change will also then create a ripple effect with all those they see and know.

Here’s Jason with his family during the holidays.

Jason Owens and his family

Sometimes we are so focused on one individual that we often forget the kind of value a service dog can have on that individual’s family and friends.

Help us raise the money we need to get Jason a service dog.

Simply click on the donate button on the right or click right here to make a donation today.

We appreciate your support and we know Jason and his family does too.


Raising Hope With Your Help!

Alex and Hope are running two half Marathons this year to raise funds to train two service puppies to help two humans that really need them… and we need YOUR help!

There are two ways you can help!

Make A Donation:

We are always looking for donations to help Hope is Mine spread the word and awareness about service dogs and to help in getting dogs trained to help others in need.  You can simply click on the donate button on the right or go to our Fundraising page at

Run With Hope:

You can run in one of both of the marathons, have your friends and family sponsor you and make a huge difference to this great cause.

Here are the details of the two Half-Marathons.  Support the cause and help us raise the funds we need to help others in need.

The Disneyland® Half marathon on September 2nd 2012 in California.

The Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon on November 9th in Orlando.

Those who finish both are eligible for a third medal called the Coast to Coast Challenge so Hope is “hoping” to add three medals to her proud of me wall this year!  With your help, there’s no doubt she’ll be able to do it!

If you are interested in running either or both of the half marathons above, you need to do the following;

  1. Register on the Disney site for the marathon(s) you are interested in participating in. When you register make sure you say that you are on team “Hope is Mine”
  2. Register for free at  (not active yet), fill out your profile and start to tell everyone that you are running and ask for their support.
  3. Join our Face Book page and let us know how your training and fundraising is going. Remember we are all in this together so this will be a great source of support for you!
  4. Make sure to book your travel and accommodations early. We will probably do something as a group before and after the race so watch for details (coming soon!).
  5. If you have any talents or expertise you can donate to help make this an even greater success let us know! This is going to be a rocking event that we “Hope” to do every year, so help us make this first one a resounding success!

Be on the lookout for more information about these events.  In the mean time, please help us spread the word and raise some money.  Hope springs eternal with all of your support!


Time To Celebrate! It’s Her Birthday!!!

That’s right folks.  October 10, 2011 is Hope’s Birthday!

Every year (day really) that goes by is a constant reminder of the hope that Hope brought into Alex’s life – and the hope that both of them – Alex and Hope can bring to the lives of others.  That’s a lot of Hope!

So if you haven’t joined our Facebook page yet (, then hop on over and wish Hope a happy birthday!

Celebrate Hope’s birthday with Hope Is Mine by making hope yours too!


More Exciting News! Your Help Is Appreciated!

Last year, Alex and Hope created history by being the first person with a service dog to run a  half marathon.  How exciting!  History in the making.  This year, they’re going to repeat their famous run again in the Las Vegas Rock & Roll marathon on December 4th by running the Half marathon again!  (Please come on out and cheer them on!)

So none of that is really news since we’ve told you that a while back.  Here’s the more exciting news part…

They’re going to create history again!

On January 7, 2012, they’ll be continuing their streak of awesomeness by doing the FULL Running from the Angel marathon on Jan 7, 2012 at Lake Mead


That’s right!  They’ll be there be the first person with a service dog to run a FULL Marathon – making history again!!  Whoo Hoo!

Hey, this is a fantastic event and Channel 3 will be covering their training and the races every step of the way!

And just as a reminder, why are they doing this?  Why are they working their behinds off to create these historic events?  So that they can raise money to provide service dogs to those in need and empower people to reach their full potential.  So if you haven’t done so yet, make sure you click that donate button on the website and help us achieve our goals.  Donations are very much appreciated and please make sure you help us spread the news as well.

You too can achieve what you put your mind too when you have Hope in your life.


They’re Doing It Again!

Let’s make history a second time!  Come out and support Alex and Hope as they repeat their history making run in the Las Vegas Marathon.  This time they’ll be Stripping at Night… we mean On The Strip At Night!

And if you’re saying, “Well, that’s not really making history again, they’ve already done it.”  Then think again!

They’re running the FULL marathon this time!  That’s right!  They’re not fooling around this time!

This will be the first time ever that a Service Dog and her handler will be running a FULL marathon – again – History in the making!  Part 2!!!

This is VERY exciting!  Channel 3 will be filming Alex and Hope as they train and you can follow their training progress on Facebook and Twitter!

Come out and support them as they’re going to need your energy and cheers to make it through!

And don’t forget, donations are always welcome as they are doing this to raise money for those who need Service Dogs throughout the area!

Join them as the

Date: Sunday, December 4, 2011
Start and Finish Locations: Mandalay Bay

For more details, go to

This is expected to be the World’s Largest Nighttime Event, so you definitely want to be there and be part of the fun!

Anything’s Possible With… Hope.

“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” ~Christopher Reeve

We’ve started training for the Vegas marathon albeit to a slow start. Hope’s in better shape than me….b%!ch!  Definitely going to have to go running today to keep upw with her.  Thankfully I only do this once a year.  We would appreciate any encouragement and/or support as we begin this journey. That and some back rubs wouldn’t hurt!!

How Should The Public Treat A Service Dog?

A Service Dog is trained to assist someone in need in several ways. Keep in mind that it is primarily a medical assistance aid and should be treated as such.

First, do not pet, make noises, or call to the Assistance Dog. If the dog is wearing its harness/vest/backpacks, this means it is working and should never be patted, or distracted by having its name called, this can distract it from it’s duties and be harmful to it’s handler. Do not give it excessive eye contact, make noises at it, or make it the center of attention. These may all cause the dog to take its concentration off the job and put the handler’s safety at risk.

Second, do not feed the dog. The Service Dog is fed a balanced diet by its handler. Other people should never feed the Service Dog. It may then learn to be on the lookout for tidbits, which again will distract the dog and place the handler’s safety at risk. It may also lead to obesity and health problems, possibly causing the dog’s working life to be shortened. If the Service Dog is not working, always ask the handler first for permission. If the handler agrees, always talk or pat the dog in a quiet and calm manner.

Next, talk to the handler, and not to the dog! Remember to talk to the Service Dog handler and not only to the dog. It is very frustrating for the Service Dog handler when people constantly talk to the dog and not to the handler. The Service Dog handler has been trained in the most appropriate techniques for working or correcting the dog. Please only provide assistance if requested by the Service Dog handler.

Keep these items in mind when running across a Service Dog and their handler and you’ll be safe and supportive.